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Amazing in Action

The work of a lifetime can be a lifetime’s work.

We’re inspired by great design and great performance. And by the people who invest their time and passion in perfecting their craft. That’s why we support innovators and innovations across a variety of pursuits -- from arts to architecture and from film to fashion - so that you can experience amazing in all of its facets.

Crafted for Lexus

"it is a shared passion for quality craftsmanship and innovative design that forms the creative foundation for the luxury automaker Lexus’ latest lifestyle project."
- Danielle Demetriou

Crafted for Lexus

“Crafted for Lexus is a collection of lifestyle items produced by companies that harmonize with Lexus' philosophies,” explains Jiro Nakazawa, the Group Manager of Global Branding at Lexus International.

“Lexus commissioned Japanese artists to create unique pieces that are inspired by the brand’s philosophy: craftsmanship with timeless beauty and innovative form and function.”

Crafted for Lexus

Crafted for Lexus neatly ties into the carmaker’s ongoing mission to consolidate its status not only as a leading luxury automaker but also as a lifestyle brand committed to originality and quality design.

The current (and ever-expanding) Crafted for Lexus range consists of 18 products by 14 Japanese creatives, which can loosely slot into three lifestyle categories – driving, exploring, and working.

"The aim is to provide functions and technologies never before seen in a form that is beautiful and effortlessly easy to use."

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