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Journeys in Taste

Four global tastemakers. Four inspiring stories.

Journeys in Taste is a unique 4-part documentary series. Each short episode celebrates a pioneering tastemaker and the meticulous craft that underlies their vision. While their pursuits differ, and their stories take place worlds apart, they all share something in common, and with Lexus: a reverence for tradition, a passion for innovation, and a desire to do what has never been done.

Watch episode one

Defining Taste

"I want my wine to be like the Lexus LC," says Emma Gao, "unique and surpassing expectations". As the CEO and head winemaker at Silver Heights vineyard, Gao is putting Chinese wine on the global map. In this episode she transports you to Northern China to show how she is challenging the status quo to compete with the world’s greatest estates. Her ultimate goal, in harmony with the vehicle she drives, is to evoke a visceral response to her wine, and ignite a lasting emotional connection.

Watch episode Two

Reinventing Taste

It takes bravery and imagination to reinvent a classic, which makes the visionary new Lexus ES the perfect companion for Russian chef, Vladimir Mukhin. At his world renowned White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow, Vladimir takes time-honoured recipes and elevates them through an astonishing level of artistry, imagination, and technological expertise. “The past is the foundation,” he says, “but I want to be in the future” -- an ideal that applies equally to the vehicle that he drives.

Watch episode three

Exploring Taste

Reinvention. It is what inspires chef Miles Thompson, a leading light in the burgeoning multi-cultural food scene of Los Angeles. “But I love understanding and making things that are in a traditional manner,” he says, “but then I like turning it on its head.” Reinvention is also the defining trait of the Lexus UX - a revolutionary compact crossover, crafted for the urban explorer. Take a trip through the streets of LA in the Lexus UX as Thompson seeks the ingredients for a new project that will shine a futuristic lens on the cuisine of his ancestors.

Watch episode four

Elevating Taste

From Restaurante 040 in Santiago, Chile, to his turn as Global Chef-in-Residence at INTERSECT BY LEXUS in New York, Sergio Barroso is serving up daringly original Latin cuisine. Join him in the Lexus LX as he goes in search of picoroco, a rare mollusc native to Chile, seeking to create an entirely new flavour. Watch as he creates dishes that allow each individual aspect to shine, while creating a sum greater than its parts – something mirrored in the ethos of the Lexus LS flagship sedan.

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