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Together, We're Amazing.

We welcome you to join us in the Lexus community . Share your thoughts, your experiences and your passion for Lexus automobiles. Stay current with the latest news, updates and promotions. And be sure to explore the best driving roads in Canada -- as voted by Lexus owners just like you.

The Masterclass Day

Top social media personalities in Toronto became students as they partnered with Lexus for an exhilarating day of culture, food, and an intimate look at the Lexus IS. Lexus philosophies were personified through a team of masters who excel at their profession. What resulted was an adventure through downtown Toronto that perfectly symbolized the Lexus brand.

As part of the Amazing Experience initiative, the group started by spending the night and having breakfast at Hotel Le Germain, then went off to an immersive experience with Triarchy, a stop at the Cheese Boutique, mixology class at Spirit of York Distillery, a photography adventure with George Pimentel, and finally capping off the evening with dinner at Café Cancan.

Learn more about the Cheese Boutique, Cafe Cancan, and Triarchy Denim

The Journey

The Masters


  • Alexander Liang

    Lifestyle blogger specializing in luxury menswear and brands.

  • Ainsley Kerr

    One of the most photographed people in Toronto’s social scene.

  • Justine Iaboni

    Jet Set Justine, is a lifestyle blogger who specializes in globetrotting.

  • Elise Purdon

    An official blogger for the JUNOs and world traveller, Elise is originally from the West Coast.

  • Monika Kohler

    Monika combines the creative arts with fashion modeling.

  • Reza Jackson

    Lifestyle blogger and self-proclaimed “modern bachelor” Reza is all about living life to the fullest.

  • Jeremiah Charles

    Jeremiah brings an international perspective to Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel blogging, and has worked with brands like Burberry and DSQUARED2. He’s also Monika Kohler’s husband.

  • Meytal Algranti

    Lifestyle blogger that focuses on building personal style for her audience.

  • Sam Beckerman

    One half of the internationally known Beckerman twins, Sam has collaborated with brands like Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.

  • Jodi Black

    This East Coast native uses her blog to share her creative pursuits and passions.

This unique one-day event was captured in real-time via social media, and educated the participants on Lexus values and ideals. The experiential masters seamlessly demonstrated how the core principles of their craft align perfectly with Lexus IS standards on design, luxury, and performance.

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