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We welcome you to join us in the Lexus community . Share your thoughts, your experiences and your passion for Lexus automobiles. Stay current with the latest news, updates and promotions. And be sure to explore the best driving roads in Canada -- as voted by Lexus owners just like you.

The Masterclass Day

Vancouver is a city of breathtaking sights, a mosaic of cultures, and a hot spot of innovative cuisine. It also proved to be the ideal place to introduce top Vancouver editorial media and social media personalities to Lexus’ core brand pillars through visits to some of the city’s most notable culinary and adventure-seeking destinations -- and the opportunity to meet the master craftspeople who create amazing in their daily pursuits.

The group experienced a day of Omotenashi (the art of anticipating guests’ needs) beginning with Imaginative Technology at Cha Le Tea, Takumi Craftsmanship in Vancouver’s iconic Granville Island public market with stops at A Bread Affair, Armando’s Meats, Benton Brothers Cheese, and the Liberty Distillery, Brave Design with one of Canada’s top chefs., and Exhilarating Performance courtesy of SKY Helicopters along with a turn behind the wheel of a 2019 Lexus RX and RXL.

Learn More about Omotenashi and Brave Design

The Journey

The Masters


  • Nathalie Rees

    Nathalie is an on-air lifestyle personality for TSN, and proprietor of her own boutique PR shop.

  • Dennis Pang

    Dennis is the Co-founder of Pangcouver and a self-professed foodie, social media, and marketing nerd.

  • Adrian - The Food Gays

    Adrian is one half of the founding duo of the online blog, The Food Gays, and contributing writer for various online publications sharing a love of food, wine, and travel.

  • Jessica Gibbons

    Jessica is a Vancouver blogger whose Real Life Styled blog is dedicated to fashion, travel and beauty.

  • James Stacey

    Editor at large at NUVO magazine, James is also a freelance writer & photographer with a love for adventure and travel.

  • Natalie Langston & BC Living Magazine

    Natalie is an accomplished Canadian television personality, blogger and influencer, with a focus on fitness, fashion and food.

  • Jennifer Hallett

    Jennifer is an accomplished photographer and blogs about her favourite travel spots, workouts, and love for all things fashion.

  • Karm Sumal

    Karm is Co-founder and CEO at Daily Hive, a digital publication that covers everything from local news to global travel.

  • Mijune Pak

    An international food personality, creator of, and a resident judge on Top Chef Canada.

  • Viranlly Liemena

    Viranlly is a chemical engineer graduate turned merchant, turned menswear maven and lifestyle influencer.

  • Jim Huang

    Jim is a marketing executive at Ming Pao, one of the most popular Chinese language newspapers in Canada.

Throughout the day, as the experiential masters demonstrated their own crafts, they also showed how their principles and pursuits aligned perfectly with Lexus’ values and ideals of brave design, imaginative technology, exhilarating performance, and Omotenashi hospitality. For the students, a turn behind the wheel of a Lexus RX or RXL was the icing on the cake.

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