Lexus All Wheel Drive

Made for Snow Country

For a luxurious All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) or Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) experience that’s more than a match for the ice and snow, Lexus' leading-edge technology offers exceptional control that’s ideal for the Canadian winter.

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Lexus AWD in Action

In the heart of the Charlevoix region in wintery Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Lexus owners and Guests put the power and performance of 2016 AWD Lexus models to the test. Navigating the snowy curves and rolling hills of a purpose-built track, participants worked up an appetite and were rewarded at their final destination: an exclusive “All-Wheel-Drive-Thru” restaurant.

Experience the thrill of Lexus AWD vehicles in action. Watch Lexus Guests navigate the snowy terrain of Charlevoix, Quebec to reach a wintery reward: gourmet fare at Lexus’ exclusive “All-Wheel-Drive-Thru” pop-up restaurant.

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Get a behind-the-wheel look at the Lexus AWD test course — through the eyes of Lexus Guests fresh off the track.

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The Benefits of Lexus AWD

In response to driving conditions, Lexus AWD technology automatically directs power to two or four wheels as necessary — enhancing traction in both dry and icy environments. Capable of turning corners with extraordinary smoothness, Lexus' dynamic AWD system includes a Cornering Control Function, which adjusts the front and rear driving force to compensate for understeering or oversteering, enhancing both stability and controllability. Efficiency is also top-of-mind, as wheels receive the extra power only when necessary.

AWD Models

All-Wheel-Drive is available on these Lexus automobiles.

The Benefits of Lexus 4WD

Travel where other luxury SUVs fear to tread. Lexus' 4WD System directs power to all four wheels all the time giving you superior traction both on road and off. Lexus 4WD models also feature Active Traction Control (A-TRAC), which automatically applies brake pressure to any slipping wheels while directing drive force to those with traction to assist you when handling the most adverse conditions.

4WD Models

Four Wheel Drive is available on these Lexus automobiles.

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