Lexus Canada FAQ

Parts & Service

  • Tires - Size

    Q: Can I change the size of the tires on my Lexus vehicle?

    A: Lexus carefully selects a tire size and grade to match the specifications of the vehicle and to optimize ride comfort and handling. As a result, we recommend the following:

    • Do not use tire sizes other than those supplied or recommended by Lexus
    • Do not mix tires of different makes, models, tread patterns or tread wear
    • Do not mix radial, bias-belted, or bias-ply tires
    • Do not mix summer, all season and winter tires
    • Always use Snow Tires when driving on snow or ice. Select snow tires of the same size, construction and load capacity as the original equipment tires.
    • All four tires must be the same brand and have the same tread patterns.

    Observe these precautions to help prevent accidents. Failure to do so may cause damage to parts of the drive train, as well as dangerous handling characteristics, which may lead to injury or fatal accidents.

    For further information, visit our Tires section, see your Owner's Manual or visit your Lexus Dealer.

  • Tires - Pressure

    Q: Where do I find the recommended tire pressure for my Lexus?

    A: Tire pressure for your vehicle is specified in your Owner's Manual and may also be found on the Tire and Loading Information Label, accessible on the driver's door pillar when you open the driver's door, or in the glove box.

  • Coverage – Roadside Assistance

    Q: How do I arrange Lexus Roadside Assistance?

    A: To contact Lexus Roadside Assistance Services, please call 1‑800‑26‑LEXUS (1‑800‑265‑3987), select English or French, and then option 2. You may also schedule assistance here.

    For further information, including coverage details, visit our Roadside Assistance section.

  • Maintenance

    Q: Where do I find information on the services required to maintain a Lexus vehicle?

    A: Lexus Guests can find information on vehicle maintenance in the Owner's Manual Supplement. You may also access an online schedule in our Maintenance section.

    Q: I used to access my Service History on Club Lexus. Where do I find it now?

    A: For information on your Service History, please contact your Lexus Dealership directly.

Lexus Automobiles

  • Importing a Lexus to Canada

    Q: Does Lexus provide assistance for importing Lexus vehicles to Canada?

    A: If you are interested in importing a Lexus vehicle to Canada, we recommend that you visit the website of the Registrar of Imported Vehicles or contact them at 1‑888‑848‑8240.

  • Break-In Period

    Q: What precautions do I need to take during the break-in period for my new Lexus?

    A: To extend the life of your new Lexus, it is recommended that you observe the following precautions:

    For the first 300 km:

    • Avoid sudden stops

    For the first 1000 km:

    • Do not drive at very high speeds
    • Avoid sudden acceleration
    • Do not drive continuously in low gears
    • Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods

    Note: The above has been updated to be consistent with the 2013 Owner's Manual. All recommendations above are included in the manual. Refer to the index for the exact page location.

  • Towing

    Q: Where can I find information concerning the towing capacity of my vehicle?

    A: Information about the towing capacity, if applicable for your vehicle, is available in your Owner's Manual. We also recommend that you contact your Lexus Dealership for further information, before towing.

    To access towing information for current model year Lexus vehicles, select the vehicle of your choice from the Automobiles navigation and review the detailed vehicle Specifications.

  • New Fuel Consumption Ratings

    Natural Resources Canada – Fuel Consumption Reporting and Label Changes

    Toyota Canada supports the Federal Government’s announcement to introduce new fuel consumption ratings for cars and light trucks starting in model year 2015. The new ratings will better represent consumers’ typical driving conditions by taking into account air conditioner usage, cold temperature operation and driving at higher speeds with more rapid acceleration and braking. The updated fuel consumption ratings will provide consumers with a more accurate estimate of a vehicle’s fuel consumption and will ensure consumers have the most relevant information available when making vehicle purchase decisions.

    In addition to the fuel consumption rating changes, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) also announced the most fuel efficient vehicles for model year 2014. Toyota Canada is proud to say that we have the most class leading fuel efficient vehicles of any Canadian manufacturer. We have the most fuel efficient vehicle in 6 of 15, or 40%, of the NRcan vehicle classes, once again demonstrating our leadership in providing the most fuel efficient vehicles to Canadian consumers.

    More information can be found by accessing the Natural Resources Canada website at

    Q: Has something changed on the vehicle fuel consumption label?

    A: Yes. The Government of Canada has changed the methodology for determining the fuel consumption ratings of new vehicles.

    Q: Why has the methodology for determining fuel consumption ratings of new vehicles changed?

    A: Consumers were consistently reporting that they could not meet the label values. To better approximate typical driving conditions/behaviours, the government aligned with the methodology used in the US, moving from 2-cycle testing to 5-cycle testing.

    Q: How has the methodology for determining fuel consumption ratings of new vehicles changed?

    A: Current testing uses city and highway ratings, called 2-cycle testing. Moving forward to model year 2015 vehicles, the methodology will include three additional tests that account for air conditioner usage, cold temperature operation and driving at higher speeds with more rapid acceleration and braking. This is referred to as the 5-cycle testing procedure.

    Q: What is the current method for determining fuel consumption ratings?

    A: Fuel consumption values are derived from the emissions generated during two laboratory driving cycles – a city test and a highway test. This is referred to as the 2-cycle testing procedure.

    Q: Will the fuel consumption ratings of the 5-cycle procedure be different from the current 2-cycle procedure?

    A: Yes. The 5-cycle testing procedure results in higher ratings that are more representative of a vehicle’s on-road fuel consumption compared to the 2-cycle testing methodology.

    Q: Why are the label values higher?

    A: They are higher because the three additional tests that account for air conditioner usage, cold temperature operation and driving at higher speeds with more rapid acceleration and braking consumes additional fuel.

    Q: Does it mean that the new MY2015 model vehicle has higher fuel consumption vs a MY2014 model vehicle?

    A: No. Only the methodology for determining the fuel consumption ratings of MY2015 has changed to better approximate typical driving conditions/behaviours.

    Q: Will my new vehicle consume more gas and cost more to operate?

    A: No. Only the methodology for determining the fuel consumption ratings of MY2015 has changed to better approximate typical driving conditions/behaviours.

    Q: Can I compare current fuel consumption ratings (2-cycle) to the new and improved fuel consumption ratings (5-cycle)?

    A: Yes. For 1995-2014 model year vehicles, adjusted ratings that reflect the new test methods are shown on the vehicle details pages on the web site.

    Q: When will the fuel consumption ratings change be implemented?

    A: The new and improved fuel consumption ratings will appear on model year 2015 vehicles.

    Q: Is this an industry wide change?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Could vehicles on the showroom floor have some labels based on a 2-cycle testing procedure and some based on a 5-cycle testing procedure?

    A: Yes. MY2014 and earlier vehicles will have label values based on the 2-cycle testing procedure and MY2015 and future vehicles will have label values based on the 5-cycle testing procedure.

    Q: Can I get additional information from the Government of Canada regarding this change?

    A: Yes. Natural Resources Canada maintains a web site dedicated to light-duty vehicle fuel consumption at

    Q: Will my actual fuel consumption still vary compared to the new (5-cycle) ratings?

    A: Yes. NRCan has improved its methods for estimating fuel consumption, but your fuel consumption will still vary. Fuel consumption tests are designed to reflect "typical" driving conditions and driver behavior, but several factors can affect fuel consumption significantly:

    • How & Where You Drive
    • Vehicle Condition & Maintenance
    • Fuel Variations
    • Vehicle Variations
    • Engine Break-In

    Therefore, the NRCan ratings are a useful tool for comparing the fuel consumption of different vehicles but may not accurately predict the average fuel consumption you will get.

    Q: Will Canadian mi/gal estimates match US MPG estimates?

    A: No. In Canada we use Imperial gallons. In the US they use US gallons. (1 imperial gallon = 1.2 US gallons)

    Q: Will the fuel consumption label highlight the change to the new (5-cycle) ratings?

    A: Yes. See the sample label below.

Lexus Enform

  • General

    Q: How do I enroll?

    A: Guests push the SOS button and have an agent help them enroll in all their services.

  • Safety Connect

    Q: What is Safety Connect?

    A: Safety Connect helps after an emergency. Drivers can be connected to our 24/7 response centre at the touch of a button. In case of an accident or incident, Safety Connect is like an added safety net. This service helps provide quick response and care from emergency service providers.

    Q: What are the Safety Connect trial terms?

    A: Lexus vehicles will come equipped with a generous 4-year trial.

    Q: What do I do if my vehicle is stolen?

    A: First, you'll need to file a stolen vehicle report with the police, who will provide you with a police case number. Then call the 24/7 response centre at 1‑800‑265‑3987. With your active Safety Connect subscription and the police case number, we'll initiate tracking of your vehicle and report the location to the police.

    Q: What is Lexus Enform Safety Connect “Enhanced” Roadside Assistance?

    A: Safety Connect offers Enhanced Roadside Assistance which provides your vehicle’s GPS coordinates directly to your Safety Connect response centre agent and to Roadside Assistance.

    Q: What can emergency services help me with?

    A: This could include situations needing fire, police, or paramedics such as medical injuries, medical emergencies, accidents where Automatic Collision Notification is not triggered, or seeing other people in need of assistance.

  • App Suite 2.0

    Q: What is App Suite 2.0?

    A: App Suite 2.0 is the next generation of the Lexus App Suite which allows Guests to use some of today’s most popular apps on the vehicle’s multimedia system.

    Q: What apps are included in App Suite 2.0?

    • Slacker
    • Yelp
    • NPR One
    • Fuel
    • Sports
    • Stocks
    • Traffic Incidents (available on Lexus Display Audio only)
    • Weather (available on Lexus Display Audio only)

    Q: How does the Enform app connect with the vehicle?

    A: The Enform app will pair with the vehicle via Bluetooth

    Q: How do I know which app to download?

    A: When the phone is paired via Bluetooth for the first time, if the app is not downloaded on to the mobile device there will be a prompt directing you to the appropriate app store to download the Enform app.

    Q: Will App Suite 2.0 use my phone’s data plan?

    A: Yes, all apps in App Suite 2.0 will use your phone’s data plan.

    Q: Which apps require logins?

    A: Individual logins are required for

    • Slacker
    • NPR One

    Q: How do I log into Slacker and NPR One via the mobile app?

    A: From the App Suite tab, click on the app you want to log into, then click Options. From the options page click the SIGN IN button.

    Q: Which phones are compatible with App Suite 2.0?

    A: Most smartphones running newer versions of either iOS or Android OS, and using Apple App Store or Google Play are compatible with Enform App Suite 2.0. Please check with your Dealership to test your preferred device. Please note that Lexus does not make recommendations on phone carriers, manufacturers, models or operating systems.

    Q: Which apps are available on App Suite 2.0?

    A: Enform currently offers Yelp, Slacker, NPR One, Fuel, Sports, and Stocks. Please note Pandora and iHeart Radio are not available in Canada.

    Q: Can I access App Suite 2.0 using Wi-Fi on my phone instead of cellular data?

    A: While App Suite 2.0 can be operated using Wi-Fi, using a secured Wi-Fi connection may result in a communication error message. If an error message appears, you may be required to turn off the secured Wi-Fi connection.

  • Destination Assist

    Q: What is Destination Assist?

    A: Destination Assist is a 24/7 service that connects drivers with a response centre representative that can help them locate a POI and send it to the driver’s head unit.

    Q: Can I use Destination Assist while I'm driving, or is this prevented as with other navigation features?

    A: Whether stopped or driving, the live agent can search for and have destinations sent to your Navigation System while on the go.

    Q: Will Lexus offer concierge-like services?

    A: Lexus Enform® Destination Assist offers the assistance of route guidance. Once the agent finds the destination, it can be sent wirelessly to the vehicle’s navigation system for easy map guidance.

    Q: How long is the Destination Assist trial?

    A: Vehicles equipped with Lexus Navigation provide a generous 1 year trial.

About Lexus

  • Careers with Lexus Canada

    Q: Where do I find information on careers with Lexus?

    A: Lexus is a division of Toyota Canada Inc. To learn about career opportunities, please visit our Careers Section. The Lexus RX is manufactured in Canada. To view Career opportunities in Lexus manufacturing, visit

  • Confidentiality Concerns

    PRIVACY STATEMENT: Lexus, a division of Toyota Canada Inc., respects your privacy and will strive to protect the confidentiality of the information supplied by you to us on this site.

    Toyota Canada Inc. will never sell your information that you provide on this site to another company and will not offer the personal information supplied to a third party unless we have first obtained your consent.

    The amount of information collected depends on how you use this site. You consent to the collection of information we request and that you provide.

    If you tell us that the information you supply should not be used for further contact, that request will be respected. If, for any reason, you question or are unsure about the security of the information supplied by you, you may contact the Lexus call centre by calling 1‑800‑26‑LEXUS to speak with a service representative directly.

    Your confidential access and use of this site cannot be guaranteed by Toyota Canada Inc. Consequently, Toyota Canada Inc. shall not be responsible for any harm that you or any person may suffer as a result of your access and use of this site.

    Toyota Canada Inc. reserves the right to change its privacy policy and will provide you with notice, through this site, at least seven (7) days prior to its effective date.

    For further information, read our Privacy Policy.

  • Customer Service

    Q: How do I contact Lexus with questions or concerns?

    A: Customer (Guest) satisfaction is our first priority. You may address your questions or concerns to your Lexus Dealership or contact Lexus directly, through our Lexus Customer Interaction Centre, by dialing our toll-free number 1‑800‑26‑LEXUS (1‑800‑265‑3987) Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 6:00pm Eastern Time.

    For further information, see our Contact Us section.

  • Lexus Dealership Franchise Opportunities

    Q: I am interested in obtaining a Lexus Franchise in my area. Where do I begin?

    A: Please submit your completed proposal for a Lexus Franchise to:

    Head Office - Customer Interaction Centre
    1 Toyota Place
    Toronto ON M1H 1H9
    Fax: (416) 431-8035

Lexus Financial Services

  • Transferring Your LFS Lease or Finance Contract

    Q: Can I transfer my LFS contract?

    A: Yes, however the new potential lessee or owner must visit a Lexus Dealership, submit a credit application and be approved by LFS. A $400 transfer fee (plus applicable taxes) applies.

  • My LFS Account & Payments

    Q: Can I make a lump-sum payment on my loan?

    A: Yes. With The Lexus Purchase, LFS allows you to make lump-sum payments on your account so you can pay off your loan sooner and reduce your interest charges. Lump sum payments are not permitted on leases. For full details, see Finance your Lexus.

    Q: Can I make my payments through Online Banking?

    A: Yes, for your convenience, LFS accepts payments through ABM, telephone and web banking services from various financial institutions.

    Q: How do I change my banking information for the "direct payment plan"?

    A: Fax or mail Lexus Financial Services (LFS) a copy of your new VOID cheque or pre-authorized debit form, including your name, address and LFS account number or the VIN number of your vehicle. We only accept void cheques from the buyer/co-buyer, or lessee/co-lessee on the contract. Fax to 905-513-9776 or 1-800-665-4948.

    Q: How can I find out about the balance on my LFS account?

    A: Please contact your Lexus Dealership for details about your LFS account. You may also contact the LFS Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑265‑3987.

    Q: I used to access my Lease/Loan Information through Club Lexus. Where do I find it now?

    A: You can access details about Financial Services under the Shopping Tools menu in the main navigation. For further information on your LFS Account and Service History, please contact your Dealership directly.

    Q: Can I change the date on which my payments are due?

    A: Yes. Please contact the LFS Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑265‑3987 to discuss your request. Some restrictions may apply.

    Q: My Direct Payment was returned NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), or FNC (Funds Not Cleared). What should I do?

    A: LFS has arrangements with most banks to make a second attempt to process your payment 2-3 days after the initial attempt. When you know that funds will not be available within specified period, please contact our Customer Service Department to make payment arrangements.

    Q: Is it possible to defer payments on my LFS loan?

    A: Yes, payment deferral is an option for short term situations. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact the LFS Customer Service Department to discuss further at 1‑800‑265‑3987.

    Q: My LFS account is now paid in full. How do I obtain a letter of release for my own records?

    A: Please contact the LFS Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑265‑3987.

    Q: I have recently married. How can I change my name on my account?

    A: Congratulations! Simply fax us a copy of your marriage certificate identified with your LFS account number or VIN number to 905-513-9776 or 1-800-665-4948.

  • Travel to the USA

    Q: I'm moving to the USA. Can I take my financed or leased vehicle?

    A: Relocation to the USA with your Lexus while under an LFS contract is strictly prohibited. If you are taking your vehicle outside of Canada for longer than 30 days, you must notify LFS immediately and choose one of the following options:

    • Buy out the vehicle
    • Complete a Transfer (to someone living in Canada)
    • Negotiate with the Lexus Dealership to terminate your contract and buy out the vehicle

  • License Plates & Registration - Leased Vehicle

    Q: I just relocated from another Province. What do I need from LFS to register my vehicle?

    A: You will need a letter of authorization to obtain License Plates for your Lexus in another Province. For details, contact the Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑265‑3987. You are responsible to ensure that you have continuous insurance coverage as per the terms and conditions of the lease contract.

  • End of Lease

    Q: Do I have to return my leased vehicle to a Lexus Dealer?

    A: It is recommended that you return your vehicle to the Lexus Canada Dealer from which it was leased. However you are more than welcome to return it back to any of our 39 authorized Lexus Dealerships. Should you be unable to return to your original Dealer please contact our Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑26‑LEXUS (1‑800‑265‑3987).

    Q: Is it necessary to have an appointment with a Dealer Associate if I want to return the vehicle and not re-lease?

    A: You should receive a letter prior to the maturity date of your lease contract, at which point you should contact a Lexus Dealership to make an appointment for the inspection and vehicle return.

    Q: Are there any additional fees or penalties if I turn in my vehicle prior to lease-end?

    A: Should you wish to return your vehicle prior to lease end please refer to the Early Termination section of your contract or contact your Lexus Dealer or Lexus Financial Services to discuss.

    Q: I’m looking to lease another Lexus. What offers are available to me?

    A: As a returning Lexus Guest, you will be eligible for the Lexus Lease Loyalty offer. Please contact your Lexus Dealer to setup an appointment to evaluate your options and take advantage of this exclusive loyalty offer.

    Q: What happens if I am unable to return my vehicle by or on my lease-end date?

    A: If you are unable to return your vehicle by or on your lease-end date, please contact Lexus Financial Services to discuss your options for alternative arrangements at least 14 days prior to the return date.

    Q: What happens to my security deposit at lease-end?

    A: If there are no outstanding charges due on your lease, your security deposit will be mailed to you within a few weeks after Lexus Financial Services receives and processes your vehicle condition report.

    Q: What charges can I expect on my Final Lease Settlement Invoice?

    A: Depending on your agreement, you can be responsible for a number of outstanding charges, including:

    • Excess kilometres
    • Excess wear and tear
    • Any and all applicable taxes

    Q: What is Wear and Tear?

    A: The customer is responsible for the vehicle's overall condition as detailed on the lease agreement (appearance, mechanical condition etc.).

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