Up To
Lease and Finance Rate Reduction
2% on 2024 RX/RXh
1% on other select models


Rates as low as
On 2024 RX*
Includes 2% rate reduction

* The Lexus 5 Day Event offers are available to retail customers on select models at participating Lexus Dealers from April 16-20, 2024 ("Offer Period"), on approved credit. Lexus Dealers are free to set their own prices. To qualify for lease and finance rate reductions of up to 2% ("Offer"), retail customers must enter into a new lease or finance agreement for a new, unregistered 2023/2024 Lexus vehicle through Lexus Financial Services at a participating Lexus Dealer during the Offer Period. 2% rate reduction is available on new unregistered 2024 Lexus RX / RXh models, and 1% rate reduction is available on all new unregistered 2023 model year vehicles and new 2024 IS / RC / ES / ESh / UXh / RZ / NX / TX models. Offer not valid with any existing loyalty offers, with certain other offers or on previously delivered vehicles. As applicable, the customer's annual lease or finance rate will be reduced by up to 2.0% (to a minimum of 0%) throughout the term of their lease or finance agreement. Offer not available to TCI/TMMC/TCCI employees/contractors or immediate family members, TMMC Vehicle Purchase Plan participants and fleet customers. Dealer order/trade may be required. Offers are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Some conditions apply. See your Dealer or Lexus.ca for complete details.

1 Limited time lease offer available through Lexus Financial Services, on approved credit. Representative lease offer based on a new and previously unregistered 2024 Lexus RX 350 AWD F SPORT  Series 1 (sfx 'K') with a selling price of $67,863; 0.9% (which includes the 2% rate reduction) lease APR for 24 months; and monthly payment is $738. License; insurance; registration; specific duty on new tires and applicable sales taxes are extra. $7,891 down payment, lien registration fee (up to $70), lien registering agent fee (up to $4), $0 security deposit and first monthly payment due at lease inception. Total of 24 monthly lease payments required during the lease term. Total lease obligation is $25,603. 32,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.20/km for excess kilometres.

2 Limited time finance offer available through Lexus Financial Services, on approved credit. Representative finance example is based on a 2024 Lexus RX 350 AWD F SPORT  Series 1 (sfx 'K') on a 72 month term at an annual rate of 4.7% (which includes the 2% rate reduction) and selling price of $67,863; monthly payment is $1,084; Cost of borrowing is $10,150 for a total obligation of $78,012. License; insurance; registration; specific duty on new tires and applicable sales taxes are extra. Total of 72 monthly finance payments required during the finance term. Selling price includes $2,205 freight and PDI; $100 A/C charge; up to $38.58 in regulatory fees; up to $995 dealer administration fee; as well as all other applicable fees, levies and duties (all of which may vary by region and dealer). Lexus Dealers are free to set their own prices. Limited time offers only apply to retail customers at participating Lexus Dealers. Dealer order/trade may be required (but may not be available in certain circumstances). Conditions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation without notice. See your participating Lexus dealer or visit prairielexusdealers.ca for details.



Create Your Amazing

Inject your Lexus with thrilling performance and distinctive style when you select products from our Lexus Accessories Catalogue. Preview featured Lexus Genuine Accessories or select the unique customization options available for your Lexus vehicle.

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Lexus Genuine Accessories

Why Buy Genuine

When it comes time to put a personalized touch to your Lexus, there’s no substitute for Lexus Genuine Accessories. Each one has been designed specifically for Lexus, manufactured to the highest standards of quality, tested for precise fit and finish, and is backed by a Lexus Genuine Accessory warranty*.

Explore featured Genuine Accessories, and select something special for your Lexus.

Lexus Genuine Dash Camera

Available with select Lexus models.

Safely record your life adventures with the Lexus Genuine Dash Camera.

Features and benefits include:


When the dashcam detects an unusual shock during normal mode and parking mode, it records an event file that is protected from being overwritten by newer files.


Voice recording can be turned on/off by touching or waving proximity sensor (if proximity sensor is set to voice recording on/off) or in the firmware settings.


Use the Smartphone APP on your Android or Apple device to view recorded files on the dashcam directly or remove the microSD card to access it on your Windows or Mac computer with the Desktop Viewer software.


To capture interesting events during your travels, touch or wave a finger within 20mm of the proximity sensor to trigger event recording. When a manual recording is triggered, it continuously records for 1 minute.


When turned on, the front and rear camera record together. When turned off, the rear camera stops recording 5 minutes after entering parking mode. Rear camera recording restarts when entering normal mode.


Note that the included industrial grade micro-SD card must be inserted into the camera for it to function.


When the vehicle ignition is turned on, the dashcam is turned on and enters normal mode. When startup is complete, the dashcam starts recording video and audio (if microphone is turned on). During normal mode, dashcam continuously loop records 1 minute video files. The green LED light is illuminated while recording.


When the ignition is turned off, dashcam switches to surveillance start delay mode. During surveillance start delay mode, it records 1 minute video files for 3 minutes to prevent false event detection caused by opening or closing vehicle doors.

Computer Software

Video and audio recordings from the dash camera’s micro-SD card can be played back and saved on a computer. Various settings for the dash camera can be changed on the computer using the viewer software.
Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the installation. When it is complete, a shortcut icon for DASH CAM VIEWER will be created on the Desktop. Insert the micro-SD card from the dash camera into the card reader device provided and connect the device to the computer. To change settings for the dash camera, select Settings-Camera Settings from the Menu on the main screen. When the micro-SD card is reinserted into the dash camera and the ignition key is turned on, the new settings will take effect.

Mac Windows

Lexus Genuine Dash Camera Mobile App

The Lexus Genuine Dash Camera can be paired wirelessly to most smartphones via a Wi-Fi connection. The video and audio recorded by the dash camera can then be played back on your smartphone. Various dash camera settings can be changed using the mobile app. To make use of this feature, download the application, called LEXUS DASH CAMERA, from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is important to note that the viewer app can only be used if the phone is connected to the dash camera’s Wi-Fi network. For Android phones, connection must be made using the Wi-Fi DIRECT connection method, (not normal Wi-Fi network connection). Consult your smartphone’s instruction manual for the appropriate Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi DIRECT connection procedure. For a detailed overview of the Lexus Genuine Dash Camera, please refer to the Owner’s Manual.

Features and benefits include:

  • Full HD 1080p video recording with seamless integration of audio, leaving no obtrusive wires. Continuous recording whenever vehicle ignition is on. Industrial grade micro SD card is included with the camera
  • Equipped with GPS sensor, monitoring speed and position
  • Available mobile app and computer software
  • Adventure mode allows you to record interesting events without distraction while driving
  • Parking Surveillance mode will begin recording upon detecting impact, up to 60 seconds
  • Due to the camera’s battery conserving logic, the vehicle battery will not drain when parked and camera is in surveillance mode
  • Collision Recording will use G-force sensors to detect impact and protect footage 12 seconds before and 8s after the collision

COMFORT+ Accessories

Be Warm in the Coldest Conditions

Lexus COMFORT+ is a suite of warming accessories designed to keep you luxuriously comfortable even in the depths of a Canadian winter. The suite includes an engine block heater to aid in start-up; a cabin warmer to set the right temperature even before you get in; a trickle charger to keep your Lexus’ battery primed; and a bluetooth hub that lets you control all accessories using your smartphone and the Lexus COMFORT+ App.

Genuine Illuminated Door Sill Protectors

Make every entrance – and exit – a grand one.

Lexus Genuine Illuminated Door Sills light the way whenever the door is opened, glowing white for gas models and ‘hybrid blue’ for hybrid models. Beyond their unquestionable style, these Illuminated Door Sill Protectors are precision-crafted from heavy-gauge stainless steel to help protect your Lexus against scuffs and scrapes. As a finishing touch, available rear cargo sills are graced with a debossed Lexus logo — luxury stamped in steel.

Genuine Tow Hitch Receiver

Your Lexus SUV is designed to haul and tow.

And the Lexus Genuine Tow Hitch Receiver is designed specifically for your Lexus. Engineered to meet maximum towing weight by model, every hitch is thoroughly tested to meet Lexus’ stringent quality requirements. The Hitch mounts behind the rear bumper to more precisely fit the aerodynamic underbody covers and ensure that vehicle ground clearance is not compromised. For best results, use with Genuine Lexus Ball Mount and Trailer Ball (all sold separately).

Pro Series Paint Protection Film

Preserve a pristine, showroom-like appearance with the Lexus Genuine Pro Series Paint Protection Film.

Applied to the hood and front fenders, this remarkably durable, and virtually invisible urethane film helps to keep the rich, high-gloss colour of your Lexus as vibrant as the day you drove off the lot. The Pro Series film is unique as it features self-healing technology that allows minor scratches to virtually disappear. The film also allows for waxing and buffing just as you would any other painted surface on your Lexus vehicle. Custom fit, and wrapped around the hood’s leading edge, the Lexus Genuine Pro Series Paint Protection Film is expertly applied to true Lexus standards, providing long-lasting protection against everything from stone chips and scratches, to damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Lexus Cargo Liner

Custom-designed to help protect the rear cargo area even when the rear seats are folded down.

Available on select Lexus models, features and benefits include:

  • Anti-slip surface to keep valuables stable
  • Raised rim lip limits spills to the cargo liner area
  • Integrated living hinge enables protection of the rear of the 2nd row seats in tandem or single use when stored flat.
  • Unique split cargo liner design allows multiple configurations of use, while maintaining full function of rear seating.

Accessorize Your Lexus

Lexus-approved accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality and refinement, designed and tested by our engineers, and covered by the Limited Accessory Warranty.

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