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Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids

Gasoline Engine

  • Provides power to the wheels under heavy loads, above certain speeds and to charge the HV Battery.
  • Turns on and off under certain conditions like stop-and-go traffic, to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Electric Motor

  • Charges the high voltage battery.
  • Propels the vehicle.

Regenerative braking system

  • Motor is used as a generator to convert braking energy into electricity.
  • Effective in stop-and-go city traffic.

Power control unit (inverter)

  • Converts AC voltage to DC voltage.
  • Provides power to the electric air conditioning compressor.
  • Unlike conventional vehicles, a hybrid can run the air conditioning without running the engine.

Auxiliary Battery

  • Powers the 12V system in the vehicle, including lights, windows and electrical accessories.

Hybrid Transaxle

  • Plays a dual role.
  • Provides both electrical and engine power to the wheels.
  • Acts as a generator to charge the high voltage battery.

High voltage battery

  • One of two power sources to drive the vehicle, the other power source is the engine.
  • Can power the vehicle on its own, or work in conjunction with the gasoline engine when loads require.
  • When powering the vehicle on its own, tailpipe emissions are reduced to zero.