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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please contact your local Lexus Dealership for information about availability of your preferred Lexus vehicle.


Inspection Process


Excessive vehicle wear and tear can impact what you may owe at the end of your lease. That’s why, prior to your lease-end, your Lexus Dealership is pleased to offer a complimentary vehicle inspection. You’ll receive a report detailing whether any repairs are required prior to returning your Lexus. To better understand what types of wear and tear fall within acceptable limits – or that may require repair – please use the guide below.

wear and tear guidelines

See below for information about the guidelines or download a PDF copy.

Excess wear and tear - card sample

Use the card sample to determine whether wear and tear falls within the acceptable guidelines, or may be deemed excessive.
Print out a PDF for accurate measurement.

*The image might show bigger or smaller than the actual dimension.

View the Wear and Tear Guidelines Checklist
  • Exterior
  • Glass
  • Interior
  • Other

Definitions and Notes:

1Any damage exceeding 30cm in length/diameter is considered “COLLISION”
2Specialty windshields: heated, rain sensing or night vision
3Category: All Lexus models

**See the Excess Wear and Tear Partial Waiver Addendum to the Lease Agreement for information and full limitations and exclusions.
***Prices effective March 1, 2015. Subject to change without notice. See your Lexus Dealership for details.


Your Lexus is engineered to amaze, and driving it should be worry free. That’s why we offer Wear Pass and now Wear Pass Plus lease protection.

Wear Pass protects you from an array of additional charges at lease end if your Lexus incurs damage beyond what is normal everyday use.

Wear Pass Plus takes Wear Pass to a new level, allowing you to have certain repairs made during the lease term, while waiving the cost of those repairs.

See the Wear Pass Brochure
View Wear Pass Coverage