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Suspension and Shock Absorbers

Function of the Suspension

Improves riding comfort and provides handling stability.


The damping effect is produced by forcing oil through valves inside the shock absorber.

Function of Shock Absorbers

Suppresses the bouncing motion of the springs.

Tie Rod

The tie rod transmits the steering force from the steering rack to the wheel.

Constant Velocity (CV) Boot

Protects the constant velocity joint from exposure to the elements and maintains its lubrication.

MacPherson Struts

Combines spring, shock absorber, upper suspension control arm and steering pivot in a single unit. The MacPherson Strut layout is especially beneficial on front-and all-wheel-drive models where room is required for drive-shafts to the front wheels.

Piston Rod

Strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight as well as the various types of shocks encountered while driving.

Available F SPORT suspension

Lexus F SPORT models feature sport-tuned suspensions, which typically include sport-oriented springs, struts/shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. In some models, F SPORT suspension may also include Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with electronically adjustable shock absorbers and Variable Gear-Ratio Steering. F SPORT suspensions provide more taut steering and handling feel.