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Lexus Electrified Vehicles

Driving the Future

We haven’t just imagined an electric future. For two decades, we’ve been crafting one. Our range of Lexus hybrid electric and battery electric cars and SUVs continue to push boundaries, with no compromise on luxury, power or performance.

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A future built around you.


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics seamlessly combine the power of a gas engine with electric motors. Hybrid vehicles recharge as they go, meaning there’s no need to plug-in. Just get in and go.

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Like Hybrid Electrics, our Plug-in Hybrid Electrics blend a gas engine, and a powerful electric motor. But with the ability to plug-in for extended electric-only range.

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Entirely powered by an electric motor, our Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) deliver an exhilarating drive, with zero emissions. To charge and electric car simply plug in and recharge up while you drive with regenerative braking.

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Lexus offers the widest range of luxury Hybrid Electric cars and SUVs of any luxury manufacturer in Canada. From high performance sports cars and luxury sedans to high-capacity luxury hybrid SUVs, choosing the best electrified vehicle to fit your lifestyle has never been easier. In the future, 100% of the Lexus lineup will be battery electric vehicles, reaching for carbon neutrality throughout the entire lifecycle.



Lexus Electric cars and SUVs deliver an extraordinary blend of power and fuel efficiency; breathtaking acceleration and supremely quiet ride; engaging driving dynamics and blissful peace of mind.


Incomparable Craftsmanship

Designed down to every detail to ensure the driver feels exceptionally connected to the vehicle. Features are artfully arranged where you want them and help keep your focus on the road ahead. An electrified Lexus is crafted to the highest standard of all: yours.


Direct4 AWD Handling

DIRECT4 is an all-wheel drive system that directly transmits engine torque to all four wheels for the best driving posture. The result? A quick and linear response that matches the driver. Available on RX 500h and RZ 450e.


1-Motor Hybrid System

Directly transmitting engine torque to the front and rear wheels, this innovative hybrid motor system delivers breathtaking acceleration and a supremely quiet ride that's also incredibly fuel efficient. Available on RX 500h.


Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Charging is as easy as plugging in. At home you can use Level 1 or Level 2 charging and even set a personalized charging schedule for a specific day and time. And, when not at home, you can make use of any public EV charging station that offers Level 2 or Level 3 charging capabilities.

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  • What is a Self-Charging Hybrid Electric?

    A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has two power sources: a gas engine and an electric motor. In a full hybrid electric system – like our Self-Charging Lexus Hybrid Drive ­– both sources can power the car on their own, or they can team up to work together.

    Our Hybrid Electric system monitors your driving conditions and seamlessly controls the flow of power. The result is increased efficiency, lower emissions, and optimized performance. At the same time, a Lexus Hybrid Electric recharges its hybrid battery as it drives. Which means you never need to plug in or wait for a charge.

  • How do electric vehicles work?

    A battery electric vehicle (BEV) is powered entirely by a battery and single or dual electric motors. Like all electric vehicles, BEVs can also recharge their batteries to a limited degree through regenerative braking. To achieve a full charge, BEVs need to be plugged in.

  • Are Hybrid Electric Vehicles Safe?

    At Lexus, your safety and of those around you, is a driving force behind everything we do, and every advancement we make. That's why Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicles are designed and engineered to the same rigorous standards as our conventional gas models. It's why the battery pack and any high voltage components are well protected from casual contact.

  • Are Hybrid Electric Vehicles More Expensive to Maintain?

    Hybrid Electric vehicle maintenance costs are no more expensive than our gas-powered luxury vehicles. In fact, with fewer moving parts, and less wear and tear on items such as brakes, a Lexus Hybrid Electric can be less expensive to maintain over time. The maintenance schedule for a Lexus Hybrid Electric is the same as a gas-powered model.