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Lexus Luxury Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Get in and go with a Lexus Hybrid Electric. There’s no need to plug in a Lexus hybrid vehicle, so nothing in the way of enjoying what Lexus has to offer.

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Luxury Hybrid Electric Models

From the world’s first luxury hybrid electric vehicle, two decades on we now offer more hybrid models than any other luxury manufacturer, many of them made right here in Canada. Each gives you the freedom to explore.


Start from Stop

Simply press the power button and go. The high-output battery and electric motor provide all the power you need to get going.

Powerful Acceleration

The revolutionary Lexus Hybrid Drive optimizes power from both the gas and electric sources for instant response and powerful acceleration, seamlessly.

Recharge your Hybrid Vehicle on the Go

At cruising speeds, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) sends excess energy to help re-charge the hybrid battery. Combining gas and electric power helps you get more out of every fill-up.

Recharge While Stopping

The regenerative braking system recovers some of the kinetic energy lost when braking and coasting, converting it into electricity to recharge the battery.

Maximize Efficiency

To save fuel and minimize emissions*, the gas engine may switch off when stopping. When you need to go, it starts up and can generate energy to charge a low battery.

* Disclaimer: The gas engine does not automatically switch off in all cases. It is dependent on many operating conditions.


Blend Power And Efficiency

Efficient. Economical. Lower emissions – even when accelerating. Lexus Luxury Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics deliver a responsive ride with fewer fill ups, and no need to plug in.

Best from Both

The technologically-advanced gas engine is combined with a powerful battery and even more powerful electric motor and intuitively selects the best combination of gas and electric for your driving needs.

Fuel Efficient Performance

On the RX 500h, the 1-Motor Hybrid System directly transmits engine torque to the front and rear wheels to deliver breathtaking acceleration and a supremely quiet ride that’s fuel efficient.

No Need to Plug-In

A hybrid battery recharges as you drive and brake so you never need to plug-in. Plus you'll visit the gas pumps less often than a conventionally powered Lexus.

Lower Fuel Costs and Emissions

Depending on your needs and habits and the conditions you drive in , you can spend some of the time in zero-fuel, zero-emissions driving.

Hybrid Require No Extra Maintenance

The maintenance schedule for a Lexus Plug In Hybrid Electric is the same as a gas-powered model. With fewer moving parts, and less wear and tear, it can be less expensive to maintain over time.

Peace of Mind

Lexus luxury hybrid electric vehicles come with the same warranty as every Lexus vehicle, backed up with additional Limited Warranty Coverages to inspire confidence.

8 Year
160,000 KM
Hybrid Component Warranty*
10 Year
240,000 KM
Hybrid Battery Warranty*


  • What is a Self-Charging Hybrid Electric?

    A hybrid electric vehicle has two power sources: a gas engine and an electric motor. In a full hybrid electric system – like our Self-Charging Lexus Hybrid Drive ­– both sources can power the car on their own, or they can team up to work together.

    Our Hybrid Electric system monitors your driving conditions and seamlessly controls the flow of power. The result is increased efficiency, lower emissions, and optimized performance. At the same time, a Lexus Hybrid Electric recharges its hybrid battery as it drives. Which means you never need to plug in or wait for a charge.

  • How Do Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles Work?

    Gas engines perform best at constant speeds, while electric motors are great for accelerating and for cruising at low speeds. Lexus luxury Hybrid Electric vehicles harness the benefits of both.

    In a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric, an innovative Power Control Unit continuously monitors driving conditions, and selects the best power source for any given moment -- seamlessly switching between the two, or combining both. The optimum choice is made for you, so you can enjoy enhanced power, swift acceleration and dynamic handling.

    As you travel, any excess energy is routed to the battery for charging. The hybrid regenerative braking system also captures energy normally lost in the act of braking, and uses it to help recharge the battery. All of this working together delivers both remarkable fuel efficiency and low emissions. In fact, when you are driving with electric power alone, your car generates almost no emissions whatsoever.

  • How Reliable are Lexus Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

    Lexus luxury Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are designed and engineered to the same world-renowned standards as our gas models. Which means they are exceptionally reliable and durable. In addition, the electric motors and generators are completely maintenance free.

  • Are Hybrid Electric Vehicles Safe?

    At Lexus, your safety and of those around you, is a driving force behind everything we do, and every advancement we make. That's why Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicles are designed and engineered to the same rigorous standards as our conventional gas models. It's why the battery pack and any high voltage components are well protected from casual contact.

  • Are Hybrid Electric Vehicles More Expensive to Maintain?

    A Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric is no more expensive to maintain than our gas-powered luxury vehicles. In fact, with fewer moving parts, and less wear and tear on items such as brakes, a Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicle can be less expensive to maintain over time. The maintenance schedule for a Lexus Hybrid Electric is the same as a gas-powered model.

  • What Advantages do Lexus Luxury Hybrid Electrics Have Over Other Hybrid Systems?

    Unlike some other luxury hybrid models, Lexus Hybrid Drive can run purely on electric power at lower speeds. This means exceptionally low emissions, and great efficiency. Competitor hybrid systems tend to have much smaller electric motors which only work alongside the gas engine – they can’t power the car alone

  • Can I Switch Between Hybrid and Gas Power Sources?

    There’s no need. The intelligent Power Control Unit monitors your hybrid vehicle driving conditions and seamlessly controls the flow of power, to lower emissions and boost performance when you’re on the road. From start up, to acceleration, mid-journey, and deceleration, the optimum choice is made for you.

  • Can I Leave My Lexus Hybrid Electric Vehicle for an Extended Period of Time Without Charging the Battery?

    There’s no need to charge your Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric – it’s always ready to go. As with a conventional vehicle, the battery can go flat if it’s not used for an extended period. But that’s unlikely. And if it does happen, the gas engine will start your car. In addition, the hybrid battery is recharged as you drive so that you never need to plug in or wait for a charge.

  • How Far Can a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicle Travel on Battery Power Alone?

    The range of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle depends on the level of battery charge, the driving conditions, and how heavily your car is loaded.

  • Can I Use My Lexus Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Extreme Weather Conditions?

    As with any car, it's still important to pay attention to the driving conditions, and take extra care when needed. Always avoid driving if there are severe weather warnings.

  • Do hybrid electric vehicles need to be charged?

    Never. Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles never need plugging in – they recharge as you drive.

  • Is there a Lexus Hybrid Warranty?

    Yes. Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are covered by the same comprehensive warranty as our gas powered luxury vehicles plus an 8 year/160,000 km Hybrid Component and 10 year/240,000 km High Voltage Battery warranty.

  • What Happens in the Event of an Emergency of Collision with a Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

    Our focus on safety extends to safety professionals. That's why we created Emergency Response Guides to assist first responders and help them to act accordingly in the event of an emergency or collision with a Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicle.

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