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Lexus Enform & Connected Technology


Introducing Lexus Enform. Thoughtful connectivity and peace of mind technology at your fingertips and at your service 24/7. Connect to the music you love, stay in touch with your passions and pastimes, find out where you are and where to go, and rest easy knowing that there’s a live Enform Response Agent a button push away. It’s one more way to experience how Lexus creates amazing.

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Peace of mind makes any journey more enjoyable. That’s what Safety Connect brings along for the ride. At the push of a button, live 24-7 service is there to answer your call for assistance. Whether it’s as simple as a flat tire, or as urgent as a collision, your vehicle’s built-in cellular and GPS technology will have help quickly on its way.

  • Emergency Assistance Button

    With Safety Connect, help is just the press of the SOS button away. For any situation where urgent help is required -- from traffic accident to health incident -- the Emergency Assist Button (SOS) connects you to a 24-hour Safety Connect response centre agent. Using your vehicle’s GPS technology, the agent can send emergency services to your vehicle’s location, and stay on the line with you till help arrives.

  • Stolen Vehicle Locator

    Should your Lexus ever be stolen, Stolen Vehicle Locator can help with its recovery. After filing a police report and calling 1‑800‑26LEXUS, select Roadside Assistance and provide the incident number. Using embedded cellular and GPS technology they can help direct police to the location of your vehicle. Stolen Vehicle Locator works across Canada and the continental U.S.

  • Automatic Collision Notification

    Sometimes the unexpected occurs. That’s why Safety Connect features Automatic Collision Notification. In the event that an airbag deploys, or an impact sensor is triggered, you’ll be automatically contacted by a live Response Centre Agent. If you are unable to respond, emergency services will be immediately sent to your vehicle’s location.

  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance

    Flat tire? Out of gas? Need a battery boost or a tow? Simply press the SOS button to reach a live Response Centre Agent. Using your vehicle’s GPS technology, the agent will have assistance on their way to your vehicle’s location in just moments.



Staying connected while on the move has never been easier or more convenient. App Suite 2.0 offers access to a range of mobile applications through your vehicle’s multimedia display. Listen to your favorite music and talk shows. Stay in touch with stock prices and sports scores. Get restaurant reviews, weather reports, and more. Voice-recognition lets you access and control most features without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Select Lexus App Suite apps use significant amounts of data and Guests are responsible for all data charges. Apps and services vary by phone and carrier; not all services available all the time and in all locations, and are subject to change. A compatible phone must be paired. Phone performance depends on software, coverage and carrier. As smartphone operating systems are updated from time-to-time, Guests may or may not experience issues with the connectivity between their phone and their vehicle as a result of these updates.


Slacker Radio

Tune your entertainment to fit the moment, with hundreds of stations and millions of songs at your fingertips.


Stream curated stories, shows and podcasts from the best of public radio.



Stay connected to your portfolio with up-to-date stock information. Voice recognition means you never need to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.


Get the latest fuel prices for nearby gas stations. Once you make a selection, destination information is displayed on your Navigation screen.


Stay in tune with favorite sports and teams with instant access to the latest standings, schedules, and scores.

Going Out


Looking for where the locals eat, or that next hidden gem? Yelp gives you crowd-sourced reviews. Directions can be sent to your Navigation System.


Don’t let the weather spoil your plans. Get current weather conditions, and 3-day forecasts using voice recognition.


Live up-to-the minute traffic incident information helps you to stay on schedule by knowing what’s happening on the road ahead.

Scout GPS LINK**

Smartphone navigation integrated into your multimedia display -- including moving maps and voice-activated hands-free search.

* Weather and Traffic included as embedded services on Lexus Navigation.

**Only available on Lexus Enform Audio 2.0 Plus



In need of a restaurant reservation? The local points of interest? A business address that you left behind? Destination Assist gives you 24-hour access to a live response centre agent who will search on your behalf, find the information you need, and send the location to your Lexus Navigation System. With translators at your service, requests can be made in most any major language.

Available on Lexus Navigation only

Scout GPS Link**


Never get lost again. On models not equipped with Lexus Navigation, Enform helps you find your way. Scout GPS Link is an app that runs from your smartphone to your Lexus Display Audio. TurnStreamTM enabled turn-by-turn voice prompts, MapStreamTM full moving maps functionality, and traffic-based routing keep you on track and out of trouble. Scout even stores recent destinations and lets you access your favorites.

Read more Scout GPS Link FAQs

MapStream mode requires Bluetooth and USB connections. For iOS phones, Scout GPS Link app must be running in the foreground.

Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. All set-up of Lexus Enform and App Suite must be completed when the vehicle is not in operation. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. To reduce risk of accident while driving, exercise care when using the systems (even with the voice commands) and obey all local laws concerning use of the systems while driving (as some laws prohibit the use of electronic devices while operating a vehicle). Text and email functions only available on supported phones.

Devices, cables and adapters are not included and must be purchased separately. Lexus tests certain Bluetooth capable phones for compatibility with Lexus vehicles. Please see your Lexus Dealer for details. Under very cold conditions, the operation of some vehicle electronic systems using liquid crystal technology (such as CD, DVD, NAV and Audio displays) may be adversely affected until a warmer interior vehicle temperature is reached.

Subscription & Pricing

Complimentary Trial Period

Enform apps, services and subscription terms vary depending on the multimedia display -- so that you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs for convenient connectivity and enhanced peace of mind.

Enform Feature Scout GPS Link Destination Assist Safety Connect SiriusXM Satellite Radio App Suite
Lexus Display Audio 3 Year Subscription N/A 4 Year Subscription 3 Month Trial No Subscription Fee
Lexus Audio with Navigation N/A 1 Year Subscription 4 Year Subscription 3 Month Trial No Subscription Fee
Scout GPS Link
3 Year Subscription
Destination Assist
Safety Connect
4 Year Subscription
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
3 Month Trial
App Suite
No Subscription Fee
Scout GPS Link
Destination Assist
1 Year Subscription
Safety Connect
4 Year Subscription
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
3 Month Trial
App Suite
No Subscription Fee

Pricing After Complimentary Trial Period

Scout GPS Link


Destination Assist


Safety Connect


*Plus applicable taxes. Amount indicated is an estimated renewal fee (as of April 2018) and subject to change without notice.
** Plus applicable taxes. Amount indicated is an estimated renewal fee (as of April 2018) and subject to change without notice. Check with for up-to-date price information.

Need more insight into Enform?

Read more Lexus Enform FAQs