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Lexus F SPORT 

Up the Excitement

F SPORT  ignites a passion for driving with intuitive technology and expressive design. An arsenal of performance-inspired features, packages and accessories make for a truly engaging automotive experience.

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Born on the Track

Named after Japan's legendary Fuji International Speedway, Lexus F is track born and track bred — capable of competing at the highest levels of motorsports. More than a letter, "F" stands for Lexus' relentless commitment to extreme driver engagement, pushing the boundaries of performance, and igniting a passion for the brand.

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F SPORT  Packages

Optional F SPORT  packages provide the exhilaration of F style and performance for your everyday driving enjoyment. Depending on the model you choose, F SPORT  features range from Rear Spoilers, 3-spoke Steering Wheels, and Leather Seats to performance-heightening Sport-Tuned Suspensions, Paddle Shifters, and Brembo Brake Calipers, Rotors and Pads.

F SPORT  Packages are available on these Lexus automobiles.

Featured Accessories

Featured Accessories

F SPORT  Accessories are designed to infuse your Lexus with F SPORT  style and performance.

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Accessory Search

Accessory Search

Discover F SPORT  Accessories for your favourite Lexus automobile.

Accessorize Your Lexus