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Experience Amazing

A Moment of Your Time

It’s short. It’s fleeting. Sometimes it flies, and sometimes it stands still. It catches up with us and passes us by. Sometimes it’s of the essence, and others we’ve got it to spare. Good, bad, wasted and well-spent, it can be passed in sorrow, or in celebration. It slips, it ticks, it heals all wounds and wounds all heels. It waits for no one, and never stops. It’s on our side. It’s our enemy. It’s all we have in this world. You can’t buy more of it, so make the most of it.


A Brief History of Amazing

The evolution of Lexus is marked by innumerable milestones, including vehicles that launched new categories, technologies that altered the luxury landscape, and an approach to serving our Guests that revolutionized customer care. From then to now, we’ve been pouring the same time and passion into every vehicle we build and every Guest we serve. Here’s just a few markers.


Time for a Revolution

This was the year the idea for Lexus was born. To build a luxury vehicle to challenge the world’s finest.


Lexus Debuts in Canada with the LS 400

More than a vehicle, the LS was the genesis of Lexus' DNA: a steadfast refusal to compromise and a constant challenging of perceptions, all part of a relentless pursuit of amazing.

  • 6 years

    intensive R&D

  • 450


  • 4.5 million

    kilometres of testing later


Almost 30 years later

The fifth generation LS flagship sedan launched, drawing on the proud history of its predecessors while breaking new ground in design, technology and performance.

  • 416


  • V6

    Twin Turbo Engine

  • 10 Speed

    Automatic Transmission

Evolution of Amazing

Time never rests. Nor does our pursuit of ways to help you make the most of it. We measure our progress by design that captivates, performance that exhilarates, technology that liberates, and craftsmanship that’s both timeless and stands the test of time.



Lexus ES Launches in Canada

The Lexus ES luxury sedan debuts at the same time as the flagship LS. Seven generations later, luxury enthusiasts have made ES one of the top-selling Lexus vehicles of all time.


Lexus Launches the RX 300

Lexus introduces the world’s first luxury SUV. Five generations later, it is still the most popular luxury SUV in North America.


A New Design Philosophy

The Lexus Development Centre opens in Japan to pursue a new design philosophy called L-finesse – which fuses the most advanced technology with Japanese refinement.


The World’s First Luxury Hybrid SUV

The Lexus RX raises the bar yet again when it becomes the world's first hybrid luxury SUV, with its peerless combination of power and efficiency.


F SPORT is Introduced

Lexus launches the IS F Sport sedan. Today, most every Lexus series offers an F SPORT variant so that all Lexus drivers can experience the exhilaration that comes with every press of the pedal.


The LFA Supercar

The iconic 550HP LFA Supercar takes the market by storm. Only 500 were produced. Crafted for exhilaration, its DNA can be found in every performance vehicle we’ve made ever since.


Lexus Introduces the World’s First Multi-Stage Hybrid

The arrival of the LC 500h and its revolutionary Hybrid Electric powertrain ushers in a new era of performance and efficiency – where power and performance exist hand in glove.


Racing Ahead

Lexus returns to North American Sports Car Racing with the debut of the RC F GT3 – part of our drive to continually improve the performance of the F models that you can drive.


The Lexus Luxury Yacht Launches

With the upcoming launch of the LY 650, Lexus expands its horizons to deliver amazing experiences beyond the reach of land.

Made in Canada

2003 marks the year that Lexus vehicles were built outside of Japan for the very first time. At a specially designed plant in Cambridge, Ontario. More than an assembly line, a Lexus plant is where amazing ideas are brought to life. Where new materials and processes are developed. And vehicles are crafted with exceptional precision and care. With you and the roads that you travel as a guiding light.


TMMC South Plant, in Cambridge, Ontario, is awarded the honour of manufacturing Lexus’ most popular vehicle – the RX.


Our award-winning plant in Cambridge, Ontario makes history yet again in when it begins manufacture of the RX 450h featuring Lexus’ renowned Lexus Hybrid Drive.


Our Cambridge, Ontario plant receives two J.D. Power Quality Awards – including its third Platinum for Best in the World – bringing its total to an unmatched 18 overall awards.


That’s the year our Canadian plant adds the popular Lexus NX and NX Hybrid to its portfolio, producing Lexus’ top two models – RX and NX – for the entire North American market.

The Best is YET to Come

2020 marks 30 years of Lexus in Canada. 30 years of delivering amazing experiences – from every visit to a Lexus dealership, to every moment behind the wheel of a Lexus automobile. We truly believe that the best is yet to come as we seek new ways to move you while contributing to a better world.

Yet Philosophy

Yet Philosophy

Since our inception, Lexus has continuously reinvented the concept of automotive luxury by bringing seemingly incompatible concepts into harmonious existence. This is our "Yet" Philosophy: Lexus indulges your desire for comfort and pleasure yet lives up to your high expectations for social and ecological responsibility.

Like our industry-leading line-up of Self-Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles that combine refined performance with environmental consciousness. In fact, by around 2025, every Lexus model around the world will be available either as a dedicated electrified model, or have an electrified option.

Hybrid technology is just one of the ways that Lexus leads the industry in contributing to a healthier planet. Our commitment to recovering, recycling and reusing permeates the entire company, and continues throughout the lifecycle of the vehicles we manufacture. Always seeking to go further and do more, Lexus has also committed to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions from our global operations by 2050.