At this time, RZ will only become available in British Columbia and Quebec. Contact your Lexus dealer for details.


Lexus RZ

The Future of Lexus Electrified

Introducing the Lexus RZ, the first-ever fully electric Lexus. Where sustainability meets sleek lines and power, as only Lexus could imagine. Soon all will be revealed.

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The First-Ever Fully-Electric Lexus

The new RZ marks Lexus’ transition into a BEV-centred brand, embodying and elevating everything you’ve come to associate with Lexus. Scintillating design. Exhilarating driving dynamics. Groundbreaking technologies. And a human-vehicle connection that makes you feel as one with the car. All while taking a great leap forward on the path to a carbon-neutral future.

A Brilliant Future,

The All-New. RZ 450e


Lexus Driving Signature. Electrified.

Lexus RZ has been meticulously engineered to take full advantage of its dedicated BEV platform (e-TNGA). At its core is a new all-wheel-drive system, DIRECT4, that controls front and rear drive force according to driving and road surface conditions. The result is a vehicle that responds precisely to your every input, and takes the ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ to new heights.

Introducing e-AXLE

The newly developed high-output electronic axle (e-Axle) fully integrates the motor, transaxle, and inverter within a compact unit to benefit cruise range, spacious interior, and excellent design. The front e-Axle is packaged with a short front/rear system layout, while the rear e-Axle features a low-profile layout contributing to increased interior and cargo space.

DIRECT4 All-Wheel Drive

DIRECT4, the core technology of Lexus Electrified, is an all-wheel drive system that achieves quick and linear response according to driver input. The DIRECT4 drive force distribution control uses vehicle wheel speed, acceleration, and steering angle sensor information to control front-to-rear drive force ratio distribution between 100:0 and 0:100. This contributes to improved start-up acceleration, handling stability, and low power consumption.


Next Generation Design Language

Guided by the concept of ‘Seamless E-Motion’, Lexus designers crafted a vehicle that captures the sense of seamless acceleration and dynamic torque unique to BEVs. In place of a spindle grill, the new Lexus spindle body architecture clearly expresses the RZ’s athletic proportions, aerodynamic efficiency, and unique personality. All wrapped in a series of exterior colours, like Ether Metallic and available bi-tone, that evoke the promise of exhilarating performance to come.

A Forward-Thinking Interior

The front cockpit’s design advances the human-centered philosophy of Lexus. Inspired by the tazuna reins favored by traditional Japanese equestrians, the steering wheel features switches that are precisely synced with the available Head-Up Display, creating a space where drivers can control various functions such as navigation, audio, and drive mode select while concentrating on driving.

Ambient Illumination

Ambient interior illumination offers a rich experience while driving. The world’s first Shadowy illumination changes the shade of light projected on to the door trim ornament when the doors are opened and closed, adding new flair to the interior space. In addition, the cabin of the RZ 450e features a panoramic roof which visually opens the space, while passenger comfort is improved by a highly efficient heating system featuring a Lexus-first radiant heater.


The New Sound of Lexus

Under the Lexus Electrified vision, Lexus engineers pursue the creation of expressive in-cabin sounds that convey the exhilaration of driving. The RZ 450e establishes a dialogue between car and driver by matching sound frequencies to the vehicle’s speed and sound levels during dynamic actions such as acceleration. The tone and acoustic transmission characteristics of the drivetrain’s sounds were tuned to ensure its pleasantness.

Available Radiant Heating

During the winter months, passenger comfort is improved by a highly-efficient heating system featuring a Lexus-first radiant heating system. It is designed to warm the driver and front passengers’ knees while working with the climate control system to provide a warm temperature at a reduced rate of battery consumption.

Digital Latch With Safe Exit Assist

Experience where intuitive meets protective. This intelligent innovation can help prevent the door from opening into traffic or cyclists, and then enable you to open it effortlessly only when conditions are determined to be clear.

Different RZ Charging Types

3 Levels of Charging

You can charge a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) at home, at work, or at most public charging stations. How long it takes depends on the size of the battery and the speed or Level of charging point.

Level 1 | Standard

120-volt AC Outlet

A great pick for drivers with short commutes. You can charge anywhere there is a common household 3-prong outlet.

Level 2 | Faster

240-Volt AC Outlet

The best setup for faster charging at home4. You’ll find Level 2 chargers at public charging stations nationwide1. Can be installed at home by a licensed electrician.

Level 3 | Fastest

480-volt DC Fast Charging

Under ideal conditions, it can be the quickest way to charge up on the go2. Currently only available at select public charging stations3.


1 Public charging experience can vary based on charger level and other vehicle and environmental conditions.

2 Level 3 - DC (Fast) Charging: DC charging times are estimated based on ideal charging conditions. Charging times will vary based on outside temperature and other factors. As temperatures decrease below 10 degrees Celsius, charging time will increase significantly. For the RZ 450e model, charging may slow down more than other models in weather conditions below 0 degrees Celsius and may not be possible when the temperature drops to around -20 degrees Celsius. Drive battery level and condition, charger specifications and DC Charging more than twice per day also can negatively affect charging time.

3 Public charging experience can vary based on charger level and other vehicle and environmental conditions. Level 3 charging may not be possible below 0 degrees Celsius.

4 To reduce risk of fire, injury, or property damage, only (i) purchase/install a safety certified EV charger with voltage/current that are vehicle compatible (ii) use a licensed insured electrical professional to install charger (iii) install and operate in accordance with charger manufacturer's instructions/warnings and applicable laws.

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