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The work of a lifetime can be a lifetime’s work.

We’re inspired by great design and great performance. And by the people who invest their time and passion in perfecting their craft. That’s why we support innovators and innovations across a variety of pursuits -- from arts to architecture and from film to fashion - so that you can experience amazing in all of its facets.

Lexus Design
Award 2023

Now accepting entries for 2023. Apply now and complete your entry before the deadline on October 16th 2022.




Design for a Better Tomorrow

Lexus believes that great design can help build a better tomorrow. Since 2013, the Lexus Design Award has brought that belief to life, while supporting and nurturing the next generation of designers from around the world.

For 2022, the design challenge called for innovative ideas and transformative solutions that leverage technology - and in turn, contribute to society and help to shape a brighter future. Six finalists were selected from over 2,000 submissions from 66 countries, and invited to bring their ideas to life.

Each prototype is developed under the mentorship of our internationally recognized team of global designers.

DESIGNER | Poh Yun Ru, Singapore

Poh Yun Ru is a socially engaged product designer who seeks to create a positive impact on society by improving the lives of others. Living in a culturally rich and diverse society, she sees design as a methodology to develop intuitive and inclusive solutions for people from all walks of life.

2022 Grand prix winner



She was raised in a very close relationship with her grandmother. After her grandmother developed dementia, she wondered how she could continue communicating. That's how Rewind was born. Designed to evoke memories, Rewind uses a motion-tracking tool that guides seniors with dementia in re-enacting familiar gestures. These actions are then reflected as audio-visual feedback on a paired device that triggers recollection.


Five other finalists were selected for their original and inventive solutions featuring a diverse range of innovative craftsmanship techniques, materials and applications. This year’s winner received the 2022 Grand Prix Trophy designed by Hideki Yoshimoto, the winner in the first Lexus Design Award in 2013 who has since become a successful London-based designer.


Chitofarm is an innovative new mealworm-powered biodigester that facilitates a simple and beautiful natural process to solve the man-made problem of polystyrene foam waste. This localized solution puts the power of change into the hands of the individual with the help of a small, but mighty, creature: the mealworm.

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Hammock Wheelchair

By combining features of a wheelchair, forklift, and hammock, caregivers can move and transfer patients without having to manually lift them. A cloth acts as a pallet, while the wheelchair with 2 prongs acts like a forklift.

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Ina Vibe

Ina Vibe is a solar-powered, insulated electric burner with a battery pack for charging and lighting. This enables you to cook, power, and light in a way that is sustainable, environmentally beneficial, and healthful.

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Sound Eclipse

Installed in front of half-open windows, the microphone on the back of Sound Eclipse captures noise, while speakers emit sound waves of identical amplitude to the original noise but of inverted phase. These waves combine and cancel each other out.

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Tacomotive is a new haptic language. Through the tactile sensations created by the cut structures, it delivers information sensorily; more akin to color than text. In the future, it will facilitate tactile communication. Through mentoring, Mikuni expanded Tacomotive into a haptic language, a non-verbal, sensory communication tool with wide application.

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Joe Doucet
Designer / Creative Director

A designer, entrepreneur, inventor and creative director, Joe Doucet is one of the most sought-after creative talents working in America today. His work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message. He has received numerous international awards, including a World Technology Award for Design Innovation and the 2017 Winner of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award as Product Designer.

Sam Baron
Designer / Creative Director

A visionary creative leader, Sam Baron creates products and experiences, giving life to cross-over works mixing art and design that drive innovative ideas from concept to completion. His work touches many fields across hospitality, retail, design, fashion, and culture. Baron leads sophisticated initiatives that create an experience for some of the world’s leading brands. For a decade, he has been a consultant as Design director for Fabrica, an international communication research center based in Italy.

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch designer who runs her practice from the harbor of Rotterdam. She recently won the prestigious Wallpaper awards ‘Designer of the year 2020’, The Elle Deco International Design award 2019 'Young designer of the year’ and GQ Middle East’s 2019 Breakthrough Artist of the year.

Yosuke Hayano

Yosuke Hayano, an architect from Japan, is principal partner of MAD Architects based in Beijing, China. MAD is led by Ma Yansong, Dang Qun, and Yosuke and it is committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature. With a vision for the city of the future based on the spiritual and emotional needs of residents, MAD endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment.


Paola Antonelli
Senior Curator,
Anupama Kundoo
Architect / Founder of
Anupama Kundoo Architects
Bruce Mau
Co-Founder / CEO,
Massive Change Network
Simon Humphries
Head of Toyota &
Lexus Global Designs

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DESIGNERS | Charlotte Böhning & Mary Lempres, USA

Charlotte Böhning & Mary Lempres are classmates pursuing their Master‘s of Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute. They have respective backgrounds in development and behavioral economics, chemistry, and fine art. Their collaborative design practice is centered on material-driven innovation, empathic technologies, and human-centric factors.

DESIGNER | Wondaleaf, Malaysia

The team members of Wondaleaf are part of a medical device innovation company. Each member specializes in different aspects of the design and production process. After some team members had difficulty caring for patients after running a nursing home, they partnered to design a device to assist caregivers and patients at these facilities.

DESIGNER | Team Dunamis, Nigeria

Team Dunamis is a group of five graduates of Engineering and Business Management from Landmark University and Rivers State University in Nigeria. They are passionate about creating energy solutions, human-centered products and systems geared towards transforming their continent for the better. They aim to be a beacon for hope in their communities.

DESIGNERS | Kristil & Shamina, Russia

Shamil Sahabiev is an industrial designer who has also worked as a concept artist, contributing his designs to multiple video game titles, including games for VR. Kristina Loginova, as a product manager, has helped to turn many creative ideas into profitable businesses. Together they are now focused on industrial design with the goal of creating things that benefit society and bring the future closer.

DESIGNER | Kou Mikuni, Japan

Kou Mikuni graduated from the Department of Integrated Science (natural science) at the University of Tokyo, and is currently a doctoral student studying design at the School of Engineering (mechanical engineering) of the same university.