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Amazing in Action

The work of a lifetime can be a lifetime’s work.

We’re inspired by great design and great performance. And by the people who invest their time and passion in perfecting their craft. That’s why we support innovators and innovations across a variety of pursuits -- from arts to architecture and from film to fashion - so that you can experience amazing in all of its facets.


Journeys in Taste

Four global tastemakers. Four inspiring stories.

Prepare to be carried away. Similar to Season 1, Season 2 presents four short documentaries that celebrate pioneering tastemakers whose dedication to their craft mirror the pioneering spirit and craftsmanship of the Lexus vehicles they drive.

This year, we’re going further, on a journey of sensory experimentation, where our culinary experts interact with artisans, scientists, and innovators who all add something to the mix, to create something the world has never experienced before.

Watch episode Three

Exploring Taste

Reinvention. It is what inspires chef Miles Thompson, a leading light in the burgeoning multi-cultural food scene of Los Angeles. “But I love understanding and making things that are in a traditional manner,” he says, “but then I like turning it on its head.” Reinvention is also the defining trait of the Lexus UX - a revolutionary compact crossover, crafted for the urban explorer. Take a trip through the streets of LA in the Lexus UX as Thompson seeks the ingredients for a new project that will shine a futuristic lens on the cuisine of his ancestors.

Watch episode Four

Elevating Taste

From Restaurante 040 in Santiago, Chile, to his turn as Global Chef-in-Residence at INTERSECT BY LEXUS in New York, Sergio Barroso is serving up daringly original Latin cuisine. Join him in the Lexus LX as he goes in search of picoroco, a rare mollusc native to Chile, seeking to create an entirely new flavour. Watch as he creates dishes that allow each individual aspect to shine, while creating a sum greater than its parts – something mirrored in the ethos of the Lexus LS flagship sedan.

Watch Season Two Episode Five

Nicolai Ellitsgaard

Located at the southern tip of Norway, Under is the world’s largest underwater restaurant, boasting breathtaking views of ocean life. Headed by Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, the ever changing tasting menu features the freshest and most sustainable ingredients, presented in dazzling form. Whether he’s sourcing new gastronomic delights or drawing inspiration from the wild terrain in his Lexus UX 250h, creativity and sustainability are always at the heart of his pursuit.

Watch Season Two Episode Six

Michelle Bernstein

For Miami-born chef, Michelle Bernstein, cruising top down in her Lexus LC Convertible is the best way to experience the city’s unique culture. Follow as she navigates the streets of Little Havana in true Miami style, shopping for ingredients to create the quintessential sofrito – the heart of Latin-American cuisine – and taking the time to impart her knowledge to a new generation of chefs, before returning to her restaurant Café La Trova. Watch how the Lexus LC Convertible artfully exemplifies Lexus’s signature attention to detail, while Michelle Bernstein expertly blends Latin flavors into incredible dishes, infused with emotion and soul.

Watch Season Two Episode Seven

Tom Kitchin

"Being a chef isn’t a job," says wunderkind chef Tom Kitchin, "it’s a complete way of life." At The Kitchin, his Michelin-starred restaurant in Edinburgh, he’s become a driving force in the reinvention of Scottish cuisine, using Scotland itself as his larder. Follow as he forages for wild mushrooms, fly-fishes for trout, and drives the Highlands in his Lexus RX. "It’s part of my journey to be out there and explore," says Kitchin. And there’s no better travelling companion than the RX – the vehicle that invented the luxury SUV and reinvents it with every new generation. Says Kitchin, "It’s made for Scotland".

Watch episode Four

Coming Soon

Create Your Own “Journeys in Taste”

Recipes and inspiration from our Lexus Partner Chefs to you

Culinary Perspectives Vol. 1
Culinary Perspectives Vol. 2