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Amazing in Action

The work of a lifetime can be a lifetime’s work.

We’re inspired by great design and great performance. And by the people who invest their time and passion in perfecting their craft. That’s why we support innovators and innovations across a variety of pursuits -- from arts to architecture and from film to fashion - so that you can experience amazing in all of its facets.



Design School

Your Chance to Create Amazing

At Lexus we're passionate about design - and about supporting up-and-coming Canadian designers. That's why we created the Lexus Design School Challenge. Open to students across Canada, the challenge is to design an exclusive art installation for Lexus to be displayed at one select Canadian Auto Show.

For 2019, the source of inspiration was the bold, contemporary, all-new Lexus UX that epitomizes the core Lexus brand values: brave design, imaginative technology, craftsmanship, and Omotenashi.

This year's winning concept is called 'Tessellate', the creative brainchild of Jun Won Kim and Chris Lee, second year industrial design students from Carleton University. Taking inspiration from the spindle grille -- a hallmark of the Lexus brand -- Tessellate weaves together multiple strands of ribbon, creating a spellbinding mesh pattern that appears different from every angle. The tessellating patterns embody the glass and steel facades of modern urban architecture while capturing the dynamic spirit of the Lexus UX, an SUV designed for the modern urban explorer.

Tesselate at the Auto Show

For Chris Lee and Jun Won Kim, winning the 2019 Lexus Design School Challenge was just the start of their journey. Follow along as they travel to Vancouver, go behind the scenes of a world-class Auto Show, and work with members of team Lexus to bring their winning design, Tessellate, to life.

Go Behind the Scenes

Meet the judges and the finalists, listen in as the entries are discussed and the decision is made, and watch the winners receive the news.

2018 Winner

Inherent Connection

The 2018 Lexus Design School Challenge winner was Artur Wrona, a 4th-year Industrial Design student at OCAD University in Toronto, ON. His installation, entitled “Inherent Connection”, took inspiration from the concept of “awakening the senses”. The design was fashioned from stone -- an intentionally primitive material that is at once physical and tactile -- yet also the beginning of human technology. Placed strategically around the vehicle, Artur’s design evoked an evolving sense of luxury and experience.


Follow along as design teams across the country step up to the challenge and put their creativity on display.

2019 Design School Challenge


  • Q: When is the submission deadline?

    A: November 30, 2018 11:59:59PM

  • Q: Are there more details on this contest?

    A: Yes, please find all contest details in the official brief

  • Q: What are the prizes for this contest?

    A: Three (3) top finalists with each receive $1,000.00 CAD and the winning selection will receive $5,000.00 CAD

  • Q: Can I use this work in my portfolio?

    A: Yes, Lexus wants to give young designers the opportunity to build their portfolios and encourages students to use this work in their portfolios

  • Q: If I win, am I responsible for bringing my concept to life?

    A: Lexus will be responsible for bringing your concept to life. We have an excellent team of designers and fabricators who will work closely with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality

  • Q: Will I get to see the final product?

    A: Yes, the winning concept will be on display at one select 2019 Canadian Auto Show and Lexus will bring the winner(s) to a show to see in first hand